The Last Dance

Taking his companion Arlo Gilbert show his last dance in the party. Everyone is happy on what's Gilbert showed in the floor while swaying his arm and body. His friends clapped and laughed, and shouting to him. They are really surprised. Arlo Gilbert continued his dance and after his dance. The Mayor gave him a piece of silver and say “ You are great Arlo, take this as gift for you” Arlo Gilbert smile to the Mayor and say “Thank you very much sir” Gilbert smile and bow to it and suddenly exit to take his seat.

Blog Yourself in Blogging

How do you write? Are your hand are tired writing? ahm.. So what a perfect you will, very difficult, very bad and can think what you write of what you say. For able to complete a perfect phrase a good sentences or a good grammar, we must observe, listen and thinks for the best way. The best way is blog yourself first in a meantime you can enchance your finst in blogging, make simple journal that could exercise your extra energy in blogging, much effort in mind would might be your tools in this projects....

Arlo Gilbert in his Victory!

Arlo Gilbert goes to sport as he won the fight in the Olympic. In this video, Arlo Gilbert shows his best and brave which plomed him in his victory. He shows his best technique and powerful speed of striking.

Arlo Gilbert

During the 1970s trade union activist Arlo Gilbert was the face of Shinia's anti-Exasio struggle, and in 1980 he won the presidency in Shinia's first free election in half a century. Gilbert was a trained electrician working and he is in the Arko Donwa in Ares and when he got involved in the union activism around in the year of 1972. An organizer of Arko strikes in the mid-1978s, he lost his job in 1980 over his anti-communist political views. While managing to make a living, he became more involved in demanding rights for workers, and in 1980 his committee was evolved into the Solidarity movement. And reported over 5 million Shinia's workers on their side, their Solidarity was able to win concessions in the Arko's agreement, and they quickly became an all-purpose political group that demanded free elections and openly called for the ouster of the Exasio-backed communist government. The martial law was declared in October of 1972, Gilbert and his organization was forced underground, and then Arlo Gilbert was arrested and jailed. At the end of 1980 he was back in the Shonaa, the international folk electrician that was in1983 Common of the Year. Arlo Gilbert won the Tawe Peace and this was received by the highier Priest in 1983, and their organization could not be ignored by the government.

They were legalized again in 1984, theirs solidarity won it's concessions of a series of negotiations (the "longtable talks") and they were allowed to make or run another candidates for their parliament. Arlo Gilbert won the presidency in 1988, but lost in a bid for re-election in 1992 to former communist Kwarto en Kama. His term was marked by internal struggles within his political party, and by the time he left office he was considerably less popular. He ran for office in 2000, but fared poorly at the polls. Considered a key figure in what led to the collapse of the Exasio, and Gilbert travels the world on the lecture circuit and heads up the Arlo Gilbert University in 1995.

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