SEO Challenge

As I heard to my friends that there another seo contest. It's a seo competition will come starting on this June 01 and ends up to August 31, 2008. All link builder, seo'er and webmaster has been invited on this seo contest to joined and get the $5000 as a winning award for the person's or company own the highest entry website in the Google search engine. All contestant must put the required links on their sites and must be registered on the Busby Web Solutions to be able to participate on this seo contest. No age limit and anyone can be register as long as he/she or they have their own websites/blogs.

You may used your all techniques in link building, post some some articles on your websites. The required links must be post on the page on their website must be visible. Pornography, discrimination, and other illegal behavior are forbidden to be published. Optimize the word “busby seo challenge on your website. The Busby Web Solutions used the AU Australian datacenter as the based results.

For contestants who will win on this Busby SEO Challenge will get $5,000 for first prize, $2,000 for second prize, and $500 for the third prize. This is so interesting contest for the people who wants or participate on this seo contest. So if you are good keyword optimizer or a link builder, you are invited to joi this seo competition. For those website/blogs who set on the highest rank will win $5000. This contest will end up on august 31, 2008 at 12:00 midday Perth, Western Australia time.

Take a look for Busby SEO Challenge

Big challenge, a big events could be battled up in the world of seo. Take a for Busby SEO Challenge, most of social bookmarking site were being spammed using for this busby seo challenge keywords. Most links when submitted on the popular social bookmarks are very faster to index on the search engine and fast backlinks. However, there are some bad effect on this, several links on one page it considered as as spam.

On the first day of the contest, I have submitted this blogs to all popular social bookmarking sites. It's automatically index by the google search engine, but on the following days my blogs disappear on the index. I thought my blogs mark as a spam. I didn't saw my blogs on the top 100 now. I want to take a look busby seo challenge as for now, more seo tactics.

Ericmarantan's Busby SEO Challenge

A simple post with a great articles can boost your link. As the status of my entry in the Busby SEO Challenge. I am not satisfied with my rank, so I want to do more effort just to push it up to the top.

On this Busby SEO Challenge, a biggest battle and very interesting contest, and its very challenging for me. I was think what would be the best seo tactics and techniques must be to use on this challenging contest. As of now I am keep on thinking what is the best strategies for me on ericmarantan challenge.

Searching my Busby Seo Challenge

I have searching my busby seo challenge entry last Saturday, it looks going down from page 2 to page 4 and this day goes to page 5, and how about for tomorrow? But that's ok, and nothing to worry about, it might start on dancing and jumping where the Google results goes. I didn't change my strategies and I'm just keep on observing whats must be the flow of what I've learn. A simple tactics that could be apply into a great results. I really challenge in this busby seo challenge and I'm always think for a positive results. Through my knowledge and belief I will try to keep my challenging entry on the top either I am new to the seo world.

Busby SEO Challenge

It's another SEO challenge has been made by Busby website, entitled Busby SEO Challenge and I will try again to join this challenge. I am very thankful to my friend for his information about this challenge. I have decided to participate for I able to enhance my ability and knowledge about SEO techniques.

I have failed in the last SEO Challenge, but I have a lot of knowledge learned on that contest and I believe through this challenge again I will gain more powerful techniques and tactics about SEO..

For all SEO competitors...Goodluck :D