Get a Link on Busby SEO Challenge

Social Bookmarking Networks will linked you?

As I reviewed some of the competitor's site, many of them were linked in the social bookmarking networks. If you placed some links, it this doesn't mean you are already indexed on the search engine. Social networks makes your link get faster indexed on the search engine. Your entry busby seo challenge makes move up fast.

On my Busby SEO Challenge I have apply my normal method link building. This make you a good benefits on this seo challenge. Keeping your keyword target on the top of the SERP the most important to in the busby seo challenge. I have to congratulates to all of my seo competitor that their doing their own best, showing proud on their countries. Just like what I did on this seo challenge I want make a complete link building for I able to win the $5000 and the title to be the best seo specialist in the world. However the seo contest is still going on, to many little things to change on this seo contest.

Will you support me on the Busby SEO Challenge?

As one "lahi", I am proud to be a Filipino, and I am shouting to all Pinoy webmaster's to support or link my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge on their site page. We need you for this busby seo challenge, our country will got the title if we do this. Some competitor has been supported by their government, this was showing that they are have own unity to support. I am encourage you my friend "kalahi" please support on the busby seo challenge. Kaya natin to'!

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