Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana Will Be The Next Boracay?

The Anguib Beach was become the most popular beaches in the northern Cagayan. Some people says that this Anguib Beach will be the next Boracay after 10 years. Whoah Yes and expected it was because there's a great white sand and purely blue water as you can see some fishes and beautiful shells.

Not only popular in the Northern-Cagayan but also popular now in the central Luzon (Manila). According to stated that there are many incoming online inquiry about the Anguib Beach on how to get there, and booking about the resort and hotel accommodation and etc..It means this Anguib Beach has a possibility to be the next Boracay someday.. :)

Last October I was there in the Anguib beach just to feel and see the good ambiance of the beach. It was a good experience and a great expansion of time for the vacationist to spend their time during their break leave. I know a lot of foreigner was also visited this place when I was there I saw few foreigners. I also enjoy riding a Banana boat oh what an embarrassing moment to experience the good place in Sta. Ana. I never forget this place.

Come and Experience to Anguib Beach!

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